Weekend again =)

Hello everybody! Long time no see!
Sorry for neglecting my blog, but I will make it up by providing you all with a looong description of my last weekend =)
So, this Friday, I went home to Robin with Lova =) He is now living in a new apartment close to Shinjuku, which is very convenient and central. I have to say that I love his new apartment! (I haven't seen his previous apartment, which was his host family's place, so I can't compare). We have already had numerous movie nights there with a lot of fatty fat food and nice movies ^^
Anyway, this time, we went to the supermarket and bought ingredients for kimchi-nabe! (It is, as I have mentioned earlier, a kind of pot with vegetables, tofu and, if you would like, meat =)) Robin made the food, he likes to cook, and it was SOOO delicious! A bit spicy, but hey, that's kimchi-nabe for you! =)
After this, me and Lova went to Takadanobaba where we were supposed to meet two of her Japanese friends, Robin said he would come after us because he needed time to get ready. In the end he never came =P Haha, he had to meet someone else =)
So, we were really late because we stayed at Robin's plave for so long and we had such a nice time that we left tooooo late, and then Lova also had to go back to her home (which is a 15 minute walk from Takadanobaba, so it was very close) to put on some make-up and get ready, and then I took this opportunity to leave my school stuff at her place and borrow a small bag where I could put the more important stuff, like, for example, my wallet and commuter pass =P Oh yeah, I have a Suica card now! I am really happy, it is very convenient, because now I don't have to think about fare adjustments anymore as you fill the card with money, and then they take away any extra charges immediately =) So you just have to go and not worry! =D
Anyway, moving on, hehe, the guys weren't there by the time we arrived =O Apparently, they had met up with some other friends who wanted to go out, and they didn't like new people (what kind of a lame excuse is that? =P), so they had gone away somewhere, and when we tried to call them, they didn't answer, haha, Lova was a bit annoyed, haha.
So we went to a bar called the Hub in Takadanobaba where we went to discuss what to do now, whom to meet instead, where to go etc, and we got there, we found the guys! Haha, it was such a coincidence! And they were really sorry (and drunk =P) and sat down with us, and I got a free coke, hehe ^^
But they were actually really nice, and they were probably too drunk, and the bar too crowded for them to hear the phone ring, so it was all ok in the end =)
We sat there and had a nice time talking, and it was so embarrassing when they taught Lova bad words (she asked them to teach her Japanese bad words, so it's not like it was their fault or anything ;)), and when I say bad words I mean bad words connected to sex =P Thank god I don't remember any of them! Hahahaa XD And she wrote them down! Hahaahah =P I know that she won't use them, she probably just thinks it's funny, so need to think badly of her, she is really nice and funny =)
After the bar, the guys really wanted to eat ramen, and one of the guys wanted to go home. But me and Lova didn't feel like eating ramen, and Lova didn't want him to go home, so, she took the guy's wallet, gave him 1000 yen for one bowl of ramen, and then we went to an izakaya where we waited for the guys to come, hahaha XD
Poor guy, so whipped! Hehe... ^^
So we were out until the first trains started leaving, but before I went home, I went to Lova's place where I took my things, but I stayed for a while before I went home, and then when I got home, I had to get ready for Satoru's gig (Satoru is a Japanese friend that I, Basma and David made when they were here. We celebrated New Year's with him and Jien, a Japanese girl that David befriended over the internet), and when I got home I was really stressed, because I didn't have as much time as I would have liked =P I had to take a shower and straighten my hair, and then I also put on some make-up, which for me always makes me late as I am not used to take these extra 30-something minutes into consideration when getting ready to go out =P Haha, so I hurried, and I was 10 minutes late in the end, but I actually made it just in time as the gig started just when I came =) Lucky! Haha ^^
The girl who sang, it was actually her gig, but Satoru helped her by playing the guitar, had a really nice voice! And the songs were really nice too =) Apparently, she was also very funny as she made the audience laugh all the time, but I didn't always (ok, most of the time =P) understand why, but I understood a few things, hahah =)
So, she sang and a band called Lili was there playing with her. In the beginning she was alone, singing and playing the piano (really good!), and then Lili came up with her playing the piano, bass, drums etc, and then they left the stage. I was really surprised! This is because at this time, Satoru still hadn't played anything, and I thought the gig was over, but then the girl came up again, and then he came too =)
So, then it was his turn, and he was really good! And the guy playing the piano with them was amazing! After the gig I stayed and talked with the people who had played, and he said that he has palyed the piano for 20 years (!). No wonder he was so good that he could play anything without even looking at his fingers =P
As I said, I stayed after the gig and talked to the people there, and they were all very nice and fun! Satoru introduced me to the other people, and we talked, and I listened to the guy playing the piano (I feel bad just calling him the guy, but I am soo bad with names that I seriously feel ashamed =O I will ask Satoru later and give this poor man an identity =O), and we showed each other pictures, and they were surprised that I had learned as much Japanese as I had in only 3 months, haha =)
And Sunday, well, nothing happened today, because it was a resting day (no, not in a religious sense for the love of god!!!! ;P) I just stayed at home, watching a drama called "Gakkou ja oshierarenai!", which is very funny, then I wrote this pot, and now I am going to listen to some music and go to sleep!
I hope you enjoyed this post, and I am sorry if it's weird or doesn't make any sense, but to my dfence, I am sleepy ;)
Oyasumi minna-san! Ja ne! =D

Postat av: Rasmus

Äntligen back in action ;)! (Tummen upp)

2010-01-18 @ 14:25:18
Postat av: Basmis

Det låter riktigt nice! :D Hahaha fan jag ville också vara med när Satoru spelade :( Skulle ha varit så jävla nice! Men men.. kanske någon annan gång huh? :) Det är bra att du hade kul, så du inte bara var ensam där och sedan gick hem :D Eftersom ingen av dina kompisar kunde följa med! :)

2010-01-18 @ 21:18:28
Postat av: Susan

Hej Hammose

Du har roligt där.

Vi ses snart hoppas jag.


2010-01-20 @ 01:36:26
Postat av: Hamsa

Haha, oh yeah! =D

Det var riktigt kul, synd att ni inte kunde komma! Jag tror att ni hade gillat personerna med =( Men men, nästa gång ska vi se till att han har ett gig i Sverige ;) Haha =)

Ja mame, det är kul här som vanligt =)

2010-01-20 @ 12:13:41

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