This would have been such a good picture IF IT WASN*T SO BLOODY BLURRY! GAH! *Ahem*, but I still like it ^^

From the left, Toshiki and Tomoya! Since the light was so bad everywhere, I had a hard time getting good pictures of anyone =P Haha, but what's up with that pose?! Hahahahah! =)

The famous bridge =)

Kirei! =)

Picture from the tower! I actually took this picture through a certain glass that changed all the lights outside into hearts! Can you see it?


After having spent two wonderful consecutive weekends in Yokohama, I have started to love this city! Yes, it is a city, and not a part of Tokyo! =)
The first weekend, I met Tomoya for the first time. Tomoya is, from the beginning, Rebecca's friend whom she got to know via Skype (I mean the Swedish Beccs now), and since I really wanted to see Yokohama, as did Pernilla, we decided to text him and see if he wanted to meet us there and take us around since he lives there =) And he did! So, we went to Yokohama where we went for ice-skating! Noooo! Well, that's what I thought first, because I only have memories of ice-skating in school, brrr... But it was really nice with friends! And after a while, I got inte the rythm and could skate quite well ^^ At least if you compare to how bad I was at the beginning! hahaha ;) And I can proudly say that I did not fall at all! hehe ^^
After this we went around Chinatown, which is really big and pretty! And we went inside a lot of small stores that you can find anywhere in Chinatown, and I got to know that Pernilla actually plays the pan flute =O So cool!!!! =D I had a really fun time there, and as I was high on the coffee latte I had drunk before we went to Chinatown after the ice-skating, I was a big goofball, hahaha XD Soo fun! ^^
After Chinatown we went back to Tomoya's house for dinner, which is really rare in Japan. We were the first foreigners ever to visit his house, do I need to say more? And we had nabe!!!! It was really delicious! And his mom was so sweet! Really nice ^^ And we did some origami, and his cat allowed me to pet him =) Ume-san (=plum)! Haha =)
After the dinner we went up to Tomoya's room where we looked at stars on his ceiling. He had like a little projector that projected a starry sky on the ceiling, and we listened to some nice music while sitting and having deep conversations, realizing how similar we actually were. Surreal! And it felt like we had known each other forever! I really couldn't beleive that today was the first time I met him! He already feels like an old buddy! So yes, a great day! And as it was getting late and we had to go to the station to catch the train, something that neither I nor Pernilla wanted to do, Tomoya's mom said that it was ok if we wanted to sleep over. So we did! Hahaha =) And this too is rare, once again, Tomoya said that this was the first time ever that a FRIEND had ever spent the night =O Naaaw, so sweet! So we all went to sleep in the same room, and we talked and had fun until we fell asleep, it was really nice and cosy =)
Then we had some breakfast before me and Pernilla went home, and I remember being happy the entire week! School was much more fun, as was everything else! Life is great! =D
Then the weekend after, which was this weekend, we decided to meet again =) I invited Satoru to come too, as he also lives in Yokohama, but he had to work, so Pernilla asked if Tomoya knew someone who wanted to join as a fourth party, and that is how I ended up going on a "double date" with Toshiki =)
I remember the atmosphere being a bit stiff in the beginning, but after some food, a nice trip to Yokohama Landmark Tower, and some icecream, we were all a bit goofy, and we had so much fun! And I actually laughed so much that I started to cry! Awesome! Hahah =) We also took some nice pictures, you can see them on Facebook if you haven't already ;)
Hahahaha, I start crying again just thinking about the end of that day! Love it! =D
And I saw Avatar for the third time that day! Gah! Good thing it's a good movie! And this time, the navi-language was actually subbed in English =O That made me happy ^^ And this time, I looked more at the Japanese subs, as I already knew what would happen, and I ended up learning three new kanji ^^ Hihi! =)
Yokohama DAIsuki!!!! ^^

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