Busy weekend

I thought I would describe each day at a time, so I will start by describing my Friday! =)

We had a school trip today! I still don't know the name of the place we went to, but that is probably because we went to so many different places with the bus. Or should I say, we had many toiletbreaks =P
Honestly, we were on the bus most of the time, but we did see Fuji-san from the bus! They said we would stop somewhere where we would be able to see the mountain more clearly, but when we got to the stop, it was so cloudy that we couldn't see anything =/ Bad luck I guess, but that didn't stop me from goofing off on the bus!
I have to admit that I actually liked the busride itself more than the trip, hehe. But it was fun when we had our dinner! We went to a place where we made our own udon-noodles, yum! You just had to add water to some kind of flour, and then you had to take the dough and flatten it before cutting it into small shreds. They were really delicious! Too bad some of them clumped together in the nabe-pot XD
I went to Nippori with Rebecca! I am so happy the weather was as nice as it was, because we were outside most of the time. In Nippori we looked at many temples and we went to a big, beautiful, I kid you not, graveyard! This might sound like quite a strange way to enjoy yourself, but it was fun! After all, it was really calm and beautiful. Not creepy at all ^^ However, I have to admit that after today I am starting to get tired of temples and shrines and graveyards. I wonder if I will be avle to survive Kyoto! Haha ;) Maybe we can find a nice unique temple up there ;D I don't know why, but today felt so nostalgic and calm. I was really happy =) I was also happy when we went into the center of Nippori and looked at the stores. We didn't buy anything, but it was nice to wander around to end up at an Indian restaurant. The food was delicious! And in the background they had a little projector-screen where they showed Indian music videos, haha. It was really fun watching how an Indian man tried to win the heart of a younger beautiful Indian woman ;)
After the resaturant, we didn't feel like going back home, so we took the subway/train into Shibuya, where we wanted to watch a movie. It is quite fun, because we found a store that sold foreign food at the subway station, so we bought Hershey's kisses, Tofiffee, Haribo-candy and, well, I don't remember =P Anyway, we wanted to watch 2012, but when we arrived to the right cinema, we found out that we were late, and that that cinema was the only cinema in Shibuya that showed the movie in English. So we went to antoher cinema instead. We were late again, but as it was only ten minutes, we could still buy tickets, and the ISI Tokyo student card gave us a 300 yen discount! Finally the card proved useful! So what movie did we see? Well, it was a certain "Bongiorno"-speaking Brad Pitt movie called "Inglorious Basterds" ;D It was really good! I liked it a lot, Tarantino is a great director =)
So, after the movie we felt like burning the tremendous amount of calories we had obtained while watching the it, so we decided to walk to Harajuku. We passed by Omote Sando-hills on our way, and we found a lot of nice-looking stores and cafées, and A LOT of hair dressers! Absolutely incredible! But I'm not so surprised as they really love hair here =P After walking around and realizing that everything was closed and that it was getting too cold to walk around in our gaijin-outfits, we decided to call it a day and go home. And we didn't meet until the day after...
We wanted to go back to the area between Harajuku and Shibuya so that we could visit the stores when they were actually open! I remember seeing a lot of people inside the stores the day before, but the stores were all closed. I wonder why they stay so late, it was already around 11 pm and they still hadn't left work. No wonder they are so tired over here! Not good, they shouldn't exhaust themselves so much =/
Anyway, we wanted to go back there, but we never ended up there =O Maybe it was because we went to Harajuku first this time, and from there we didn't end up in the same area, but it was nice anyway =) We walked around, and I ended up in a hair salon where I got a hair cut and, for the first time in my life, highlights! The hair dressers were really nice, and they gave me magazines to read, tea to drink, and they even massaged my head and shoulders =O And they were really good. And really QUICK! It only took about 10 minutes to cut my hair, and another 20 minutes to make the highlights, so in one hour I was all done ^^ And they were so good! I really like my hairdo =) I'll have to post a picture and show you ;) So we thought we would have the time to see 2012 today, but alas, we were late =P So we went to eat some dinner, and we found a nice Italian restaurant this time. I had a pizza, and Rebecca had pasta, and it was delicious! CHEESE!!! Hahah ;D It might have been a bit more expensive than other restaurants, actually it wasn't that bad, but the food was  good, the atmosphere nice, and the waiters knew English ^^.
After the food we walked around in Shibuya, and we found another cinema that still played movies, so we saw Drag me to hell instead. So bad! Hahahaha, it wasn't scary at all, and ut was filled with slime, yuck, brr... Haha, I won't see this movie again! But it was still a nice experience to visit cinemas here in Japan. The cinemas are big, and the one we used today was quite old and the seats were really worn out, but the cinema we went to yesterday was new and nice. Well, this cinema had its own charm ;)
After the cinema we went to the station, and we when we arrived to Ikebukuro we saw that my last train from there had alreday left. So, what to do? Well, I just had to go back with Rebecca to her guest house, and there I borrowed a shirt (which was a bit tight as I am a bit bigger than her =P), and her excercise pants. And then I had to share her bed =O A bit crowded, but not too bad =) It was more tiring to wear the contacts the entire night =P I only had the contacts in my eyes, and no glasses or anything else, so I couldn't throw them away =P But my eyes were quite okay the day after anyway, but it felt nice when I took them off. Ahhh, air ^^
Once again, national holiday! And of course we took this opportunity to go to Akihabara and Ginza! We went to Akihabara first, and they really do have an excess of electronics here =P Really, you can find anything here, and they have really nice laptops here! *Drool* Well, I promised myself to buy a MacBook next time ;) Interior over design! I know, I'm really practical =P
Anyway, moving on... I saw many nice manga-figurines and goods ^^ And when I move to my own apartment, I will live close to Akihabara! Guahahahahha! XD But no maid café today! Didn't actually look so interesting when we were actually in Akihabara, it's probably only middle-aged businessmen who go there =P Noooo!!!!! I'm scared.... ;D Haha, well, when I was in Akihabara, and Ginza too, I just had this suddden urge to buy everything! Even though I don't need it, I wanted a computer, an electronic dictionary, a video camera, a digital camera... Abunai! This is a dangeroud place! Thank god I have at least SOME self restrain, so I didn't buy anything unnecessary. After all, who needs these things when you can get an iPhone? ;)
And speaking of iPhone, we went to the big Apple-store in Ginza! It was really nice! It was big, spacious, modern, and the staff all knew English, and they also had a lot of headphones you could try, and the iPods and iPhones all had internet connection ^^ Oh yeah, I feel like going back there and buying a pair of headphones! And maybe a MacBook! And a... Oh crap, there goes my self-restrain =P Anyway, haha, I think Basma and David will like it ^^ Be careful~ <3
And just a quick description of Ginza: Many brands, expensive, filled with tourists, nice restaurants, many cafés (and I might mention that Akihabara had very few cafés, or at least it seemed like it =S), and... I guess that's it.
Well, I guess I'm finished then!
Until next busy weekend!
Sayonalalalalaaaaa ~

Postat av: Basmis

Ooooh Ginzaaaaa :D Hahaha, det låter som att du har haft kul!! :D Picture picture picture!!!! (Ditt nya hår!) Haha :D

2009-12-03 @ 17:12:15
Postat av: Hamsa

Haha, yes!

When I come back from school today! ^^

2009-12-04 @ 02:11:31
Postat av: Susan

Hej Hammose!

Det verkar vara roligt i Tokyo.

Vi kanske får fotos snart.


2009-12-04 @ 10:30:25

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