Disney Sea! ^^

So, this weekend (the weekend after the weekend after the busy weekend =P) I went to Disney Sea with Stephanie! It was so cute, they have a little Disney resort train that goes from the JR station to the different parts of Disney resort, and the windows are Mickey Mouse shaped, and so are the handles! Really fun! I liked the train =)
And I have to say I liked Dinsey Sea more than Disneyland in Paris. I think it is becuase Disneyland is a bit to childish for me =/
My favourite part of Disney Sea is the Arabic part (that is Aladdin!) and the sea (that is The Little Mermaid ^^). At these places we went to some nice attractions! We saw a little 3d movie/play showing how a little boy freed the Genie from his cruel master, and the interactions between the boy and the actor were a play, and the interactions between the boy and the Genie were a 3D movie. Really nice and clever! It was worth the 45 minutes wait! And the other attraction where we saw Ariel "swim" around was also very nice. A girl played Ariel, and she was attached to wires so that she could fly around in the room, and she moved as if she were swimming around, and men were dressed up as fish that moved around, and they had a really cool moving statue that was the evil witch. She even had moving hands! Really cool! And the third attraction (and the last) was a simulation of being in a plane flying through a storm. Also very nice =)
So we had a nice time going around, looking at the different parts of Disney Sea, trying on hats *wink wink* taking pictures =) Oh, and in Agrabah they had a band that played different songs, for example Shakira's "Eyes like yours" mixed with a rock song, and, of course, songs from Aladdin. What I found so amusing was that their instruments were packed in cases that looked like oriental carpets, and the instruments themselves were designed with oriental details, and they said "Salam", hahahahaha. It was so funny, I was probably the only Arab there, and I was surrounded by Japanese people saying Salam. Hahahahahahahah! It was so funny! I was actually tempted to helhel, but I was too shy to do it =P Hahaha. Would have been fun though! And it was also fun to hear the Genie speak Japanese, so wrong! Hahahahahahahah, and Ariel too! =O Oh, and we saw a little dance where Minnie and Daisy and Donald were boarding a ship, and Donald spoke Japanese XD, Daisy had blonde hair =O and Minnie, well, she was normal I guess, but she still spoke Japanese! =)
Towards the end of the day, we found a nice Mexican restaurant with a live band, and we had some fajitas =) Yum! It was nice to sit down and eat, because by then it had started to rain quite heavily =/ It actually kept on raining, so we decided to just walk around and look at all the souvenirs. I bought two cases of cookies, because I wanted the cases (no, not the cookies! At least not this time ;)) We actually wanted to see the fireworks and the candlelight show, but as it was raining, they had to cancel it =/ So, we went home with our wet shoes and happy faces, and as soon as I came home, I took a nice warm bath.
What a nice weekend it was! ^^

Postat av: Susan

Hej Hammose

Det var roligt ni hade.

2009-12-11 @ 01:50:32

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