I thought I would write down some miscellaneous thoughts and experiences. I don't have to do something AMAZING in order to write about it, right? So I will write about some everyday things and experiences.
Anyway, yesterday I tried sushi here in Japan for the first time. It was really DELICIOUS! Especially the lightly braised one with mayonnaise, and I don't even like mayo! =O That must tell you how good it was! And speaking of mayonnaise, I have noticed that I have no problems eating things with mayo here in Japan. Maybe it is a bit different here. Not as heavy as European mayo. Seiko-san says that she likes European mayo more, haha. Maybe we should switch countries? ;) Naw, just kidding.
A couple of days ago I went to a department store called Parco with Seiko-san and Melissa. Melissa is another girl who has come to stay here with Seiko-san. She is really nice! I really like her! Maybe it is something about Italy... Anyway, me, Seiko-san and my new room-mate (^^) went to Parco, and there we found a little counter where they sold foreign cheese. The funny thing is that I found some Arla Fetaost from Denmark! I was really surprised when I saw it. I was like "Eh?! Arla!?!?!?!??! I recognize this!!!" Really funny ^^ They also had a lot of funny things for the kitchen and the house. Maybe I should bring Basma here? I will show you this store later when you come here! Maybe you will find something nice for your apartment ^^ Oh, and they had a little store that only sold ohashi! (Chopsticks) I will definitely have to buy a pair and bring them with me to Sweden! They were a little expensive, but I think they are worth their price as a cheap pair of chopsticks will probably break or splinter easily. Not good!
I have now decided to reduce my homestay to one month again. This is what I had originally planned, but then I changed it to three months, but now I really feel that I want to live on my own, so I've decided to change it back. Seiko-san is really nice, and she has helped me a lot! But it is time to move on... Haha ;) No, but it will be nice to be independent I think ^^ Plus this decision will allow me to save a lot of money. Living with a host family is almost twice as expensive as a student dormitory, but then breakfast and dinner is included. However, I believe it will still be cheaper to live on my own. Plus I will be able to eat whatever I want, WHENever I want, and I can come home whenever i want too, without having to update someone about my whereabouts all the time. Freedom! Gimme! Hahaha =P
By the way, Basma and David! Kan ni ta med er lite räkost och lösgodis när ni kommer hit? Seiko-san sa att hon skulle vilja ha det när jag frågade om hon ville ha nåt från Sverige. Skulle vara en väldigt bra present tycker jag ^^ Den här gången VET jag faktiskt vad hon vill ha! Haha. Och kanske lite vaniljfudge till mig ;)
The longer I stay here, the more I realize what a "candy-pig" (hahahahha) I am. Pastries are delicious here! Mmm, yummy...
Nöff nöff ;P


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