The weekend after the busy weekend...

Well, I better write this down before I forget everything! Oh wait... I already have! Oh no! =O
Of well, I will try my best ;)
What I remember is the Saturday when I and Rebecca went to Kamakura and Yokohama ^^
In Kamakura we walked around and looked at a lot of nice temples and shrines.
I have already posted the pictures from there, you know, Daibutsu and all the pictures that are not from the cemetery =)
So, we had a nice time there, and I remember walking around a lot. Seriously! Why do Japanese people LOVE building shrines and temples at high places? It's an entire workout just getting to the shrines =P But since they are so nice it's worth it I guess ^^
I remember thinking that Kamakura would be a nice place to live. They had plenty of nice houses (not apartments!), and they seemed somewhat westernized =) The atmosphere was also very nice and cosy =D
Oh yeah! In Kamakura we found this nice shop that sells music boxes!!! They had so many! And they were all so nice! I actually bought one that plays a nice Japanese melody, and it is a red/black box with butterflies on it =) Did someone say "Picture please!!!" Hmmm, well, if you say so, I can't refuse, can I? ;)
So after walking around and checking out the music-box shop and the souvenir shops, we wanted to eat, so we went to a nice restaurant that served eel, because Rebecca LOVES eel, and when you entered, you had to write your name on a list. Pretty clever so that no one can cut in line! =) And it took almost an hour!!! Gaah! We had to wait for so long! But the food was really good, and the restaurant very nice, so it was almost ok =) I remember Rebecca being so tired that she couldn't even be angry anymore, haha, she almost fell asleep! =O
After this, we thought we had been in Kamakura long enough, so we went to Yokohama where we wanted to see Chinatown =) Well, it wasn' t so easy to find, maybe we just chose the wrong exit at the station, but we could see the bay, which is famous, but I didn't think it was nice enough for a picture. Once again, we must have chosen the wrong exit =P So we walked around, trying to find Chinatown, and we crossed a bridge once, twice, three times... We just walked back and forth, in circles, up and down, alwayd endign up at the same place =P And then finally, we found a Japanese man and woman who knew English well enough to tell us to take the subway to a certain station, so we did (I have to say thank you!), and then we saw it! Lights and restaurants everywhere! And of course we were so hungry from walking around so much that we decided to find a nice restaurant before looking around. And I then noticed that I didn't really have enough money in cash =/ So let's try and find an ATM! And we did! But it didn't accept my card! Gahh! So, we tried to find a nice, cheap restaurant that accepts credit cards, and we did find one that did, if you bought food for at least 5000 yen. So I paid for both me and Rebecca, and we both had something to drink with the food, and in the end it totalled 5040 yen =D LUCKY! I am glad I thought of paying for both, because Rebecca had enough money to pay her for her food =)
After this, it was so late that we just wanted to go home, and we didn't find so many shops, so we called it a night and went home =)
Oh yeah, at Yokohama station we found a store that sells foreign foods and chocolates! Need I say what happened next? ;)
All in all, it was a really nice weekend!
I am glad that I have been able to spend time with Rebecca before she leaves next week =O
I'll miss her =(
That bastard! ;D

Postat av: Susan


2009-12-11 @ 01:57:46

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