Emma no tanjobi!

Today was Emma's birthday! So of course we had to celebrate it after school!
We went to Warabi, which is where she lives, and there we had some shabu-shabu. For you who do not know what this is, allow me to enlighten you (I know i talk as if I am an expert or something, but the truth is that I myself did not know what it was until a couple of days ago =P, haha). When you eat shabu-shabu you have like a pot with warm water in it, and then you can boil vegetables, meat, mushrooms... anything you like basically, and then you have a lot of different sauces and spices that you can dip the food in. Very good! Oishii! I don't know how much food we ate today, I don't dare think about it =O And after the food you could have free soft ice cream =O I know that Japanese food is very healthy, and that Japanese people are generally very small and thin, but I think that you could easily gain weight here in Japan as well! After all, they LOVE pastries here =O Well, maybe they know the meaning of "lagom" ;)
After the very delicious and very fulfilling dinner, we went to play some baseball (not real baseball, it was more like a machine shooting a baseball towards you, and you had to hit it with your bat), and it was quite fun. Unfortunately, I chose the one for right-handed people, so I couldn't hit a single ball =S Not that I would be able to hit one anyway =P Haha. The place we were at also had some pool tables, so there we went! Really nice, but as both me and Emma, my pool partner, are quite new (cough, sucky, cough) at pool, each game took a loooong time to finish. In the end, I was tired of it, so I actually started getting some points. Amazing how impatience can raise your skills! ;) And a very funny thing that happened at the game center is that Emma walked up to a guy we saw at the pool tables who she thought was cute, and she gave him her number! And his reaction was so hilarious! He said "HAPPY!", and he bowed, and he seemed like he was in paradise or something (so did Emma, haha). And the best part is that later, when Emma accompanied me on the way to the station, he called her back! And tomorrow they have a date! Good luck and have a fun time Emma! ^^ This serves to show what a little guts can do. Never be too afraid to at least try! Thank you Emma for this great lesson! ;)
I also met some people who live with Emma, Pernilla, and Rebecca (not the English Rebecca! The Swedish Rebecca! Not the same person!) at their guest house. They all seem to be very nice people, and two of them, Simon and Jimmy, came with us when we celebrated Emma's birthday. They were really nice and funny. The only bad thing about them is that they made me realize just how much my Japanese sucks =( Haha, then again, I don't know how long they have studied Japanese, maybe it is too early to compare our skills, haha ;) Anyway, they were able to talk to the waitresses and waiters, so it is a good thing they came with us! Everything is so much easier with good communication (right Gogo? Didi? ;))
Well, now I am going to bed as it is almost 3 am over here. I will see you all tomorrow with some news about Rebecca's birthday ^^

Postat av: Susan

Hej Hammose

Jag hoppas att allt är bra hos dig.

Ha det bra.

Många kram

2009-11-07 @ 12:22:41

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