Ok, I thought I would start by describing my Friday =) This Friday, me, Robin and Rebecca decided to go out after school to study at a café somewhere in Tokyo. But before we went, we ate at a sushi-restaurant in Takadanobaba, which, as you probably already know, is where my school is located. It was a kaitenzushi! And it was delicious! If you wanted something that was not on the kaiten, you just had to shout it out, and they would make it and give it to you. And it only cost 130 yen per plate! This is soooo cheap! I had eight plates, hehe... Very yummy ^^
Ok, so after this we were supposed to go to a café, and the wonderful Robin suggested we would go to a bar in Shinjuku, called DNA, where they had transvestites. I was just like, yeah, sure, why not, as long as you can study. So we went there, but I think it was too early, so they had not dressed up yet, so we only saw, with a lack of better words to describe it, "normal" men, and we all had a coffee with Baileys. I am not drinking it again because A) It contains coffee, which has a strong taste, and B) It contains alcohol, which has a strong taste. So there I was sitting with my "liquid" into which I had all but emptied the sugar bowl, haha. It was still too strong for me =P And let me say, we did not study, because the other guys were not in the mood, so we just sat there and goofed around instead =P
After this, we decided to go to another bar! I do not quite know why, maybe they wanted to go to a livlier place =O Anyway, we went to the bar, which was nice, but filled with gaijins, such as ourselves, so it did not really feel like being in Japan, haha. Since I wanted to see if they had any drinks with alcohol that I could actually drink without my gagging reflexes being activated, i decided to try an almost soft drink. A lot of juice with a little alcohol. It was ok, I could drink it =) But still, I do not think I will ever be able to get used to the aftertaste of alcohol. Yuck. I am probably the last person on earth to become an alcoholic. Except for mom. Haha =P Even though I am going on about how I dislike alcohol, I still had a gin and tonic after the juice. This is becuase Robin was kind enough to buy me a drink, so I promised him I would drink it all if he would pay for it. So I did, and I must say that the taste reminded me of Alvedon =O
Me and Rebecca said that we wanted to go home soon, and as Robin did not want to be alone, he asked Melanie (a French girl from our school, and a nice friend =)) to come, so we all sat there and waited for her and Amélie (another French girl) to come. By the time they arrived, me and Rebecca did not feel like going home, so we went with them to a club called Arty Farty (haha, Farty =P), but before we went there, I forced them to come with me to a Takoyaki-stand so that I could have something to eat. When I left the sushi-restaurant, I was REALLY stuffed, but that was many hours ago, and I also think that he alcohol made me hungry =S So I had some takoyaki, and it was delicious! Yummy ^^
Arty Farty! Here we are! It was a very nice club, much better than Womb I think. Maybe because of the alcohol-induced euphoria, or because it had a nicer atmosphere, or maybe because it was a gay-club? Now do not get the wrong idea here! It is not better because it is a gay-club because I myself am gay! I am straight! The thing is, because it is a gay-club, the guys there are not interested, and thus, they are not annoying and they do not try to come on to you. If they are interested in you, it is just for dancing purposes ^^ So dancing was a lot of fun, because that is what they all wanted to do. Nothing else. Oh, and I learned how to helhel tonight! You know that sound Arabic women do when they celebrate something? Well, I can finally do it now! Haha, I am a real Arab now! ;) It was funny to do it on the dance floor, and the people around looked at me with amused expressions, haha. My friends also thought it was hilarious, haha ^^
So, we stayed at this c,ub until 5 am, becuase of the trains, but I did not really mind. It was not like it had been at Womb, where I was already bored by 3 am, here I had such a fun time that it felt almost like a perfect time to go home =)
As both me and Rebecca had to go to Ikebukuro in order to get home, we went to a McDonald's there and had some breakfast. It was ok, I am not really a McDonald's fan, still think that everything there tastes the same, but I was hungry, and it was open, so a fish-breakfast-sandwich it was. And then I went home. Arrived at about half past six, and slept until eleven (am, not pm! I wasn't that much of a zombie =P)

So it was suddenly Saturday! And we went out today too! This time for some Halloween-costume shopping! Me, Rebecca, Stephanie, Robin, and George (a new friend we met at Arty Farty) met at Laforet in Harajuku, where we looked around, but it felt a bit stressed I think. Maybe because Robin was trying to find a particualr store, so we didn't look around that much. But somehow, I still managed to buy a skirt and a shirt from Algonquins, a really cool store! Ok, I will admit that it is an expensive store, all the stores in Laforet are expensive, but sometimes it is ok to pamper yourself just a bit. And I really need some new clothes, did not really bring that much with me, and everything I brought is for the summer '^o^, I have to buy some warmer clothes! And maybe boots. And a coat. Argh! I will find a cheap store and buy everything there. I might even need warmer pyjamas, because the temperature in the houses here in Japan are usually not that much higher than the outer temperature. So it will probably be very cold in the winter. Just a tip for Basma and David when you come here. BRING WARM CLOTHES! You will be here during the winter, so for the love of god bring good clothes! =O Or if you "forget", you can always buy some new ones here. "Bummer" ;) Haha
Anyway, Robin and George went away to eat, but we, the girls, were not hungry, so we walked around in Harajuku on our own. And we found a very good, cheap store called Body Line. It has clothes in the gothic-lolita style, and it is really cheap! You can find clothes here for only 2000 yen! And that is good for clothes here, belive me =) So I bought some more clothes here, haha. But I still need a pair of pants, I just realized that it is too cold for skirts now. And I need a new pair of shoes that match my new skirts, something we tried to find, but we didn't, so we just had a crépe instead =P And then we walked around some more. And then we decided to try and find a restaurant. By this time, we had decided not to go to the Halloween party in Roppongi because A) It would probably be crowded, B) We hadn't bought any costumes, and C) We didn't feel like it. So we just had a girls night out =) And the restaurant we found, Tokyo Apartment Café, was very nice! It had a nice atmosphere! But the size of the meals was microscopic =P The food was good, don't get me wrong, but you shouldn't come here if you are starving so much that you could eat an entire restaurant. Because here you might actually have to do that. Haha, just kidding, in that case, just be smart and order a dish with rice or pasta. We saw some people who had ordered this, and it looked fulfilling =)
Now, what did we do after this? We went to Shibuya! And what did we do here? Well, we found a café of course! Because our stomachs were still a little empty ;) On our search for a café, we found an internet café which is open 24/7! And you could also watch movies there! They had a big archive with films. But we didn't eat here, because you have to pay for the room, so we went to another café where we had some coffee (or water in my case) and some cake (chocolate! Yuuummmmiieee!). After this, it was "Oh no! Last train leaves soon! Let's go to the station!"
And sayonara!

Then Sunday came, a lazy day which I used to restore my powers. And to study some biology for the BMAT. I guess you all know that it didn't go that well, because I was just too tired. Still, I managed to read three chapters! =D I might add that I was home alone the entire day, because both Seiko-san and Melissa had gone out, so it was nice to be alone and rest and study ^^ On Monday, I will buy some brain food and study! Yeah! And, as it is now Tuesday as I am typing this, I can say that I did (Pringles!), and as it is a national holiday in Japan today (meaning no school) I am going to go back to my lovely books and keep studying!
See you later!
Ja ne ~

Postat av: Simon

I must say that waiting for your blog posts annoys me, but then ya always gives me a looong read, so I'll forgive ya ;)

2009-11-03 @ 17:47:03
Postat av: Basmis

Haha låter som att ni hade kul iaf :D !!! Eeek är det så kallt inne? Då ska vi ta med oss varma kläder haha. Justja, jag har fått rail passen :D Eller ja, det är papper som man ska byta in för att få rail passen i Japan sedan! :D

Ooooh lolita kläder, skulle va coolt att köpa en lolita klänning när man är där hahaha! :D

Ha det fint :D Vi hörs sedan! :D

2009-11-03 @ 18:33:35
Postat av: Sabina

Hej Hamsa - alltid lika roligt att läsa dina inlägg! Du skriver så underhållande :) More pics plzz!! Ha det bra!! kram

2009-11-03 @ 19:22:43
Postat av: Basmis

Ja eller hur, BILDER!!!! :D hahaha

2009-11-03 @ 21:20:28
Postat av: Susan

Du har roligt där borta ya helwe

2009-11-03 @ 21:45:01
Postat av: Hamsa

Wow, vad många kommentarer! Börjar bli lite populärare I see ;)

Jo, jag rekommenderar varma kläder =)

Vad kul! Yay! Shinkansen here we come! Haha =)

Sorry Simon, skriver bara då nåt kul händer, men jag kan posta ett inlägg om en vanlig skoldag. MED BILDER! Haha =)

Jag börjar min dokumentation på måndag tror jag =)

Det tråkiga är att på vissa ställen, som t.ex. V-rock festival, får man inte ta bilder =( Så då lämnar jag kameran hemma, för den är så stor =P Men men, måste ta fler bilder! Jag håller med! Förbered er på en kavalkad av fotografier! ;D

Tacl så mycket Sabina! Skriver bara ner det jag tänker, och då jag gillar att skämta skriver jag ner det med, haha =)

Ja mame, jag har det roligt här ^^ Nu på lördag fyller Rebecca år! Kodak moment...

2009-11-04 @ 15:36:25
Postat av: Ania

Kodak rulez ^^

2009-11-04 @ 16:03:04
Postat av: Simon

Pfft, vem bryr sig om man får ta med kameror på festivaler ändå ;) Men dom kanske är striktare med det i Japan, vad vet jag?

2009-11-04 @ 19:01:37
Postat av: Basmis

Haha ja det är inte så kul om de beslagtar kameran :D På sånt borde man ha med sig en mindre kamera som man typ kan gömma i behån eller något hahahaha :D

2009-11-05 @ 12:09:06
Postat av: Basmis

Yay bilder!

2009-11-05 @ 12:09:23

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