Rebecca's birthday!

I am in bed while writing this, so I should actually just go to sleep, but I thought I might as well write about Rebecca's birthday before I disappear into my little dreamworld and forget all about it ;)
So Rebecca's birthaday was this Saturday, and it was a very nice day that we spent at Tokyo Dome (you take the subway-line from Ikebukuro to Korakuen), which is like a big amusement park. The first thing that struck me is that it is actually free to enter! You only have to pay if you want to use the rides, and you can either buy a day-pass for 4000 yen, or you can pay for each ride. As I thought that I would be unable to ride the most attractions due to my heart, I didn't buy the day-pass. I probably saved 1000 yen if I compare to Rebecca and Robin, but then again, I couldn't ride a funny attraction more than once if I really liked it, because then I would lose too much money! I have now learned that they have a lot of funny attractions that I can ride, so next time I will probably buy the day-pass and just stop thinking about the money ^^
One attraction that I really liked was the 4D-movie. It was like a 3D movie but we were in seats that could spin around, and they used water and wind too, so it really felt like you were in the movie, which was like a battle between an androcat and some badguys XD We also went to another 4D-movie which was supposed to be scary, but it was so bad!!!! Not even so bad that it is funny. It was just plain bad. =P
They also had a nice Baseball Café with some American food. The portions were actually big! Very unusual here in Japan =O They also had some nice brownies, but I was too full after the lunch I had there (fried chicken, fried shrimps, onion rings and french fries, I know, not the healthiest food, but very delicious. And some nice melon soda to drink ^^) that I didn't try it. And in the end, we didn't have the time to go back so that I could taste it.
We had decided to stay at Tokyo Dome for a couple of hours (we met there at 11 am) so that we could go home and get ready for a nice dinner at an eel restaurant. This, however, was not the case, as we stayed at Tokyo Dome for so long, that we didn't have the time to go home. We told Joey, an American guy from our school, that we would meet in Shibuya at 8:30 pm, and we left at 7:30 pm, so we all just went to Rebecca's house where I put on some of her make up. It was really too bad, because I wanted to go home and dress up for her sake, but then I couldn't because we had no time, and in the end we arrived one hour later anyway =P By that time I wasn't really in a party mood, but we found such a nice restaurant with so delicious food that it went over quite quickly =) I really am a food maniac =P Haha. Actually, we were supposed to go to an eel restaurant, but it was closed! Haha
So, the restaurant we found was a seafood reastaurant where you and your company ate in your own private booth, and in the booth they had a nice aquarium. The booths were nice and secluded, so we could listen to some music that Robin had brought with him on his  mp3 that he played using portable speakers, really nice and cosy! But I must admit that the booth was on the verge of being claustrophobic =O And it was all black, so it didn't feel that spacious =O Still, it was nice, and the food was AWESOME! We ordered a set with, I think, seven courses. The first course was like a fish paté, the second a sallad consisting of cabbage, mayo, and some crispy matter on top, the third was a fish nabe. Ok, this course was my favourite, so delicious and so much taste! The nabe was like a pot with fish and vegetables in a hot tomato sauce. When I ate this, I thought that Nazar would probably like this, because it was spicy and nice ^^ We also had some fried potatoes, some bread, sashimi (it was good, but I prefer sushi ^^), and a rice dish which was like rice that you put into the tomato sauce from the nabe, and then you let the rice absorb the taste from the sauce, and you put an egg over it so that it becomes firm. But we screwed it up and just mixed everyting together, so the rice pudding became a porridge! Hahaha XD The taste was still the same, so it didn't matter. And then the dessert, some pudding and fruits. I must say that the portions were perfect, not too big, not too small, and I was so full afterwards =P Definitely worth the money! (3000 yen for the food, 1000 yen for all you can drink). The only bad thing about this place was that they came after two hours (the free drinks were for two hours) and tld us that our time was out. So we had to go. What the hell! We paid a lot of money to eat here! And then you just come and say "You have no more time, please leave". So bad =P Oh well, the food compensated for it, so fine.
After this we went home! All in all, a very nice day out ^^

Postat av: Basmis

Det låter coolt!! :D Kul med nöjesparken :D

2009-11-10 @ 00:47:48
Postat av: Hamsa


Tog faktiskt bilder!

Ska bara ladda upp dem =P

Haha, de kommer upp senare idag, ni kanske har vaknat vid den tiden där borta i Sverige? ^^

2009-11-10 @ 02:52:12

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