I am now sitting in the living room at my aunt Iktifa's house, and I am finally starting to feel the anticipation of travelling. I started thinking about my mom and how she is going to go back to Eksjö by herself. I am actually not going back with her! She is going to return by herself! I am going to leave Sweden! It feels really weird, to think about mom and dad being all alone at the house, and about me travelling all alone for the first time.
I have never flown by myself alone, and now I am going to fly for 10 hours straight! I will probably be too nervous to sleep on the plane, and when I reach Tokyo I will probaby be a tired nervous mess. I will arrive to Tokyo at approximately half past nine, but in my mind it will feel like two am. Talk about jet lag!
I wonder how long it will take for me to adjust to both their customes and their time zone. And their food. I must admit that I am really looking forward to tasting their cuisine. Food is as big part of the experience! And the technology! I can bet that Akihabara will become one of my favourite places! I am also looking forward to playing the piano with my host, Seiko, and seeing Tokyo street fashion live. I wonder if I will be considered a giant over there? Haha.

Postat av: Anonym

To be honest, I doubt they will percieve you as a giant. You're pretty short even by Japanese standards ;)

2009-09-28 @ 16:09:52
Postat av: Hamsa

Hahahahahah, yeah you're probably right =P

2009-09-28 @ 23:56:53
Postat av: Julia

Hej Hamsa! Hittade till din blogg fran lanken du la ut. Vad kul det kommer bli att lasa om din resa:) Jag led av jetlag i 2 veckor efter att jag kom till USA tror jag, haha.

Ha det jattebra! Kramar

2009-09-29 @ 17:58:36
Postat av: Hamsa

Hej Julia! Vad kul att du hittade hit! ^^

Tack detsamma! Ska läsa om din med, hehe ;)

Ajaj, och det värsta är att man får jetlag när man kommer tillbaka =O

Ha det super du med!!!!! Kram =)

2009-09-30 @ 08:48:58

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