Osaka and Kyoto and Tokyo!

So, what to do now that both Stephanie and Rebecca are gone?
Well, have fun with Basma and David that just came to Japan!
Haha, nice first trip abroad, eh David? ^^
I really liked Osaka where we saw Osaka castle and Umeda Sky Building. It was awesome! It was so high up, and the view was amazing! I have to post some pictures and show you ^^
Oh, and for you people who want to see pictures of the food here in Japan, just ask Basma and David, they took pictures of EVERYTHING they ate! I kid you not! Hahaha, we must have looked like real tourists ;P
Before we went to Osaka, we went to Jump Festa in Makuhari Messe, and it was nice to go, although they mostly had a lot of games with lines that were to long, so we never tried anything. There was even a line to enter the Jump Shop! Had to stand there for almost an hour =P But it was nice and worth it =)
So, after this we took the Shinkansen up to Osaka where we had ordered a hotel by the help of Seiko-san, and it wasn't really that good =O The air in the room was very allergenic, and it smelled like cigarettes, so we booked a new hotel and moved. Too bad we spent our first day on finding a new hotel, but the other day we went on a boat ride, visited Osaka castle, and we went to the top of Umeda Sky Building, so we still did a lot of nice stuff ^^
In Kyoto we saw the Nijo-castle with the nightingale-floor and Kinkakuji, the goldan pavillion. They were both really nice! After this I had to leave Basma and David to go to South Korea for one night, because I had to renew my visa, so I missed the last day in Kyoto, and Hiroshima, and of course, these days were the funniest days =P
Basma and David climbed a mountain where monkeys roamed freely, and they also saw Hiroshima Memorial Park. Would have been nice to see! Still, I can see it some other time I guess ^^ Oh, and the hotel in Hiroshima was appearantly really nice! =)
What I remember from these days is walking around and asking for directions to find different vegan restaurants, and finding the hotels, haha, we must have all gone down two sizes or something! I really think that the best way to exercise is to move to a country where there are large distances between everything =P
So, I met them in Tokyo again after South Korea, and we saw Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku and more! Haha, we really got to feel and see ourselves that Shinjuku station is the biggest station in Tokyo! It is a nightmare to meet here! Gah! I like smaller stations =)
Oh yeah, and we met a lot of nice Japanese people! David was mostly the one talking to them, and thanks to that we found a Japanese guy whose Swedish was actually better than his English =O He was interested in Sweden, loved Swedish music, and was going to visit Sweden next year XD What a coincidence! Really amazing =)
So now Basma and David have some new Japanese friends to whom they can show Sweden =)
Nice! ^^

Postat av: Susan

Hej Hammose

Roligt att ni har haft roliga dagar.


2010-01-02 @ 00:25:35
Postat av: Hamsa

Jo mamma, jag tror att Basma och David hade det jättekul! De ville ju inte åka hem trots allt ;)

2010-01-02 @ 02:10:49
Postat av: Sam

Swedish speaking Japanese person? :O

"I really think that the best way to exercise is to move to a country where there are large distances between everything =P"

AND you get entertained every second of the experience <3

2010-01-03 @ 12:55:29
Postat av: Hamsa

I know! What are the odds!?!?!??! XD

Haha, true, so you actually don't mind the long distances anymore, haha =)

2010-01-05 @ 14:38:35
Postat av: Sam

Actually, some japanese dude added me on msn and he really liked Sweden and I'm like "o.o okkaaaaaay" He was talking about Bamse and I've never watched it xD

2010-01-05 @ 15:41:17
Postat av: Hamsa

Hahaha, seriously! That is so funny! Haha, BAMSE?!?!?!??! Of all the Swedish things you could choose, he chose Bamse? XD

2010-01-06 @ 18:50:07
Postat av: Sam

LOL well in you words I'll say "I kind you not!!"


yea... we don' talk anymore o.o He was more Swedish than me and it just got awkward xDDDD

2010-01-07 @ 10:33:46
Postat av: Hamsa

Haha, don't mock me! XD

Haha, how the hell did you lyckas med det?! XD

Poor thing you :O ;)

2010-01-09 @ 10:20:21
Postat av: Sam

I love your Swenglish, min kära du! xD

Jag är väl inte så svensk av mig ändå. Jag vet inte. Jag menar han ville diskutera nån film som var en klassisk svensk barn film. Kommer inte ihåg namnet men jag kände igen det och jag ba ... o.o da what now? xD

2010-01-09 @ 10:43:16
Postat av: Hamsa

But of course! To blanda ihop languages is the ichiban fun way to speak! ^^

Nä, men jag förstår det! Hehe... Nä men allvarligt talat så är jag också så, det finns säkert utlänningar som kan mer om Sverige än vad jag kan =S

Vet inte, vi är mer "lev där och upplev det svenska livet" istället för "vad är den svenska historian och kulturen?" ;)

2010-01-09 @ 18:02:35

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